PLC-X ESP32-Devkit Termial shield


PLC-X ESP32-Devkit Termial shield is expansion board including ESP32 module. The ESP32 is high performance processor and includes Wifi and Bluetooth interface for wireless communications.
This product allows you to control your create prototype device or cover end-user application for temperature regulators, gate controllers etc. Din base enclosure provides you very easy and fast instalation and also follow industry standards. Programming is possible via Arduino IDE or Visual Studio code throught the integrated USB port.

Additional features:

  • Replacable CPU module, allows you to upgrade system memory, repaird damaged device…
  • Available cpu ports for any applications available via terminals
  • Selectable power input 3V / 5V DC
  • DIN enclosure with labels



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Operating voltage
3V/5V DC

Available I/O

Wifi, Bluetooth, I2C, SPI, USB serial

Flash memory
4MB-16MB (on demand)

Temperature sensor
onboard +/-0,5°C

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